Black Rose - Piano - Keyboard - organ

Black Rose was born in Cape Town (RSA), a 350 year old port city where world cultures have intermingled and clashed with indigenous Khoisan culture for centuries. With it being the home town of world renowned musicians like Abdullah Ebrahim and Louis Moholo, the Cape Town Minstrels and a few thousand choirs and bands, she is infused with the rich marinade containing all these flavours. She started playing music in church accompanying sunday school and youth choirs. In the late nineties she teamed up with Cape Town musicians such as Mac Mckenzie and the late Alex Van Heerden.

While studying piano with the legendary pianist Richard Shilder, she started composing her own songs rooted in traditional styles such as 'mbaqanga', 'kwela' and 'marabi'. At the same time, she met Oom Flupke, with whom she started performing in and around Cape Town. After a few years of playing with various musicians and bands, they established the Black Rose African Jazz Orchestra and have since developed their own repertoire: a blend of rhythm infused African and European Jazz tunes.

She was also involved and was the pianist and musical director for the theatre play 'Reclaiming the P word' which was staged at various theatres including Grahamstown Festival 2007 and Arts Cape theatre 2009 in Cape Town. She toured Europe in 2003 and 2013 @ Clubs, festivals and in the Flemish and French Schools with the Arts & Culture School Project. In 2010 the band was engaged for the Fifa World Cup in South Africa. From there onwards it got more and more performance opportunities, culminating in a tour in Belgium in 2013 and signing a contract with Bareface Entertainment in Dubai. In 2015 Black Rose relocated to Belgium.


Oom Flupke - Drums - percussion

Originally from Flanders, Belgium, Flupke started playing drums from the age of 16 years old and became a professional musician in the early 90's. He moved to Brussels where he started playing bebop with jazz musicians such as Mark Bogaerts, Joe Higham, Erik Vermeulen, Pierre Bernard and African music with balafon player Emilien Sanou from Burkina Faso. After 2 years as a "City" musician, he undertook his adventureous solo act 'Bron van Wolwa', travelling by tractor and wagon under his artist name "Hannar Zwrachtos". He reverted back to the age-old European tradition of the troubadour, travelling the whole of Europe with a caravan: playing drums, gongs, wooden blocks and an eclectic array of percussion instruments on market places. During this period he learned and experienced the different cultures and music which you can hear in his music today.

Back in Brussels, he started his band Populo Jazz Limousine in 1995 and worked together with dancer/choreographer Joannah Pinxteren with whom he also worked at the Royal Flemish theatre in 1996. While recording his first album 'Licht in de duisternis' with his band in 1997, he also became part of the Malagasy band 'Sairy' with guitarist Miary Lepiera with whom he recorded the album 'Bitsibitsiho' and toured Europe. In 2000 he put his 8-piece band Populo Jazz Limousine on hold due to difficult work circumstances and lack of contracts.

The next important step in his career was his relocation to Cape Town, South Africa in September 2000. Having played with African musicans in Europe since the early nineties, he always felt the need to immerse himself in the pulsating rhythms of the African continent and the culture of its people. From 2002 he studied music styles such a 'Kwaito', 'Kwela', 'Mbaqanga', 'Klopse beats', 'Riel' and the more modern South African Jazz.. In 2005, together with Black Rose he formed the 'Black Rose African Jazz Orchestra' and has since been playing and recording with this band. In 2015 they relocated to Belgium as from when they perform under their own name 'Oom Flupke & Black Rose'.